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apparitions appear, abstract
faces shrouded in darkness,

Beastly bygones
an empty

Caustic Cacophony
Clutching Corpses

Deformed devils,

Every soul has its price.
What’s yours?

Father who is
in Heaven, why
are we

Heaven has rejected Hell!
but there’s a little Hell in
everyone destined to be
apparitions trapped

inside icy inverted

Justice, some call it
jeer at the Dead
Penance, some call it
locked inside their head

Keening cries caress jagged memories
Were we ever even alive?

Legends, they call us,
as if we were something to fear.
They’re right.

Maybe we
were once alive
Maybe we
had a soul
Maybe we

Night is our playground
Do you want to play?

Only so long as you know
winner takes
we all played once.
We Lost.

Play a little game with me
Play a little game with me
Play a little game with me

Quick before Heaven
casts you out

Realize the Hell
Buried in you
Return the human
Be made new
Reject Heaven
Be free too

Sinister souls are sated
steal or be stolen by
what you will become

Tomorrow will never come.

No heavenly host will save you from
this hell
that is
You’re already living there, no


Whispers in the dark
Whispers in your mind
driving you mad
driving you to hell.

Xenon is what they’ll call you
Science has a name for everything they can’t understand.

You, yesterday’s yearning

Zipping through your dreams,


Hell Inside Our Head
This is a poem I wrote for one of my classes at University.  The challenge was to begin each stanza, or paragraph if we chose to write a short story, with the letters of the alphabet in a sequential order. Now I fudged it a bit at the end and repeated A and T, but I had a story to tell.  Anyway, I encourage you anyone to try and play with the idea of an abecedarian style (That's what my prof called it and I hope it's right) because it really forces you to not only think, on one hand, but to also let yourself go and let the writing guide you, which can be a mind-opening experience.  

The form was also a little different, but DA doesn't really let you play around with it too much so for now I am stuck with left alignment. Boo. 
Racing anticipation
Heart pounding
Eager, bursting from my chest

My chance to fly


My arms, downy wings, open, catch the wind
pas de bourrée
Elation burns my face
Fly into Mirror World
Dancing my dreams, alight in the air
Impossible to fall back to Earth.

Land in the air, turn a chainé en plié
Sail into the sky
Turning stag leaps through diaphanous clouds
Bending back, I soar, what felicity is flight!

Chainé out of my leap, waltz into space
123, 123, 123
Gravity can never catch me.

Don’t stop yet, only halfway to the stars!

Spinning en pointe
Sailing higher HIGHER,
Pas des deux with the swan in the night
Up through the stars, my stage for dreams

But freedom is a flighty friend
Every dance has its end
My heart music slows,
Piqué down to Earth

As stars reflect mournful tears
Wings try to catch clouds, grasping to stay aloft
But reality reels dreams in
Back through the mirror in the sky
A final pirouette, finish attitude derriere
Arms raised, yearning for the stars,
Jealous at their eternal dance

I stare at mirror me
Gleaming grin and a wink
Can’t stay away long, I will fly free
But for now, back in line
Let another dance her dream.
I Learned To Fly In A Room Full Of Mirrors
So this is a poem I wrote for a creative writing class this past summer.  I'm a little annoyed that I can't play with the form much more on this site, because things are definitely supposed to be formatted a little differently, but I figure it's close enough.  

Anyway, I danced ballet for almost a decade and I wanted to convey to people what dance is really like.  Ballet is hard work, but the result is beautiful both to the observer and to the dancer.  I had to quit because of a foot injury, but I still remember the elation and freedom that comes with dance and I'm jealous of every dancer I see.  Part of my reasoning behind writing this was so I don't have to be jealous anymore.  I can look at this and bring myself back to those wonderful, freeing, albeit sometimes physically painful years.  I hope anyone who reads this can understand and share the feelings I had while dancing.  
I close my eyes, count to ten,
And find myself in a world of pretend.
Far away from worlds I see
I dance through a forest where I can simply be.

A princess caught by an evil spell,
Trapped in a curse to none she can tell.
Still she fights back with all her might
Refuses she cannot win this fight.
Her heart is golden, her spirit pure
Until she is free, she will endure.

A sorceress clever, mighty and strong,
She enchants those around her with her song.
Not good, nor evil, somewhere in between
She wants, quite simply, to be Queen.
Loved by all, revered by them too
Finally seen as a goddess true.

A warrior maiden, dagger in hand,
Fights always onward, protecting the land.
Faith in her King, faith in her kin
She will never let fear win.
Sword beats on sword, let arrows fly!
“For Zangard we fight! For Zangard we die!”

A regular girl with a daring mind
Starts on a journey to find
Rules to be broken, fights to be won,
Best adrenaline rush under the sun.
Maybe one boy who can match her stride,
Whom she can show off with pride.

So many stories, so much to do,
But how do I know which story is true?
They are all true and all part of me.
It’s up to my magic which one I will be.
Woot! Another poem. Yeah, it's still not great but it's what I have hahahaha.

Plus, this poem actually has a story behind it. A few years ago, my Grandfather was still alive and owned a farm in norther Pennsylvania where my mom grew up and I spent every summer. It was a huge farm, well huge for a child, around 100 acres. A lot of the farm was woods and my cousins and I were allowed to play wherever we wanted so long as my older sister was with us and we didn't cross the road to the rest of the farm.

We would dress in old clothes from when my Grandmother was a little girl and wove stories or adventure and magic. It was like living in a fairy tale and those long summer days of making flower chains and having daring sword fights were the best part of my childhood.

My grandfather died three years ago and my uncle lives on the farm with his new wife. They have changed a lot about the house and I don't get to go up to the farm that often and I really started missing it so I was inspired to write this poem. I hope it captures my love for this place. :D

Anyway, please let me know what you think.
Innocent and pure as the stones on my finger

Adventurous in a mundane world
Meddlesome but just trying to help

Brave even when no one is looking
Energetic at any time of the day
Awkward and gangly, tripping on thin air
Unique in my style, in my speech, in my thoughts
Teasing just to bring out a smile
Imaginative weaving worlds of my own
Fearless when protecting those that I love
Unforgettable in an endless sea of faces
Loved by my friends, by my family, by my God
I came up with this poem in about ten minutes while editing some of my peers work for my creative writing workshop class at school. The message was weighing on my heart and just HAD to come out into words.

Just like so many of girls ranging from early teens to mid-twenties and above I have struggled with my self-esteem and self-worth. But today I got to thinking; what we look like on the outside is not what makes us beautiful. Not the clothes we wear, the color or style of our hair, our makeup, or our skin. It is what's on the inside that makes us beautiful.

What I love about this poem is that it can be changed to fit anyone, girl or boy, young or old. The words are the same: I AM BEAUTIFUL, but the options are limitless. Not everyone is Fearless, but some are Fierce. Not everyone has a Teasing personality, but some are Truthful.

With the media today "beauty" is something that has become impossible to achieve without photoshop, but I want this to serve as a reminder that true BEAUTY is YOU! Not some add showing a woman with a super thin body, or a man with impossibly formed muscles. True BEAUTY is who you are on the inside. Don't let anyone tell you different.

*****I have allowed the use of this poem for one reason: I want to know how YOU are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. If you want, I would love for you to make these words your own. If you chose to do so, please credit me for the original and send me a link either as a comment or a note. I would love to see YOUR Beauty. :D *****

MUCH LOVE~~ MizzMoris
A kaleidoscope of colors burns before my eyes
Rippling, bubbling, tumbling, distorting fading skies

First cold and biting, now a comforting embrace
Cradles my tired body as I sink without a trace

My kaleidoscope is dimming, bubbles lose their shine
As darkness creep around me, my lungs begin to pine

For salty ocean air far above my cloudy head,
Up down left right?  It won’t matter when I’m dead

Like a siren song it pulled me, crashing waves a melody
Bubbles kissed my breath away tides danced me out to sea

Down down they pulled until blue-green turned black
Cold currents soon began their sorrowful attack

Bearing ever deeper, squeeze my fluttering heart
Thump thump thump silence, never to restart

Churning currents still, caress my cold still face
Gently lay me down in my chosen resting place

The ocean is my home I know its blue depths well
I thrive beneath the surface, relax upon the swells

Who saw my tarnished aching soul, broken just a tad
Who set me free who gave me the life I never had


United States
ME: a cosplayer, a writer, a dancer, a dreamer and a future New York Times Best Seller-Hopefully ;) hahaha. That's me. If you don't like it, that's not my problem. I am who I am. And that's all that matters.

Current Residence: OC
Favourite genre of music: EVERYTHING
Operating System: Mac
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Personal Quote: I'm tired...
Hey all, MizzMoris here.  Yeah, I've been gone a while, but things have been super busy.  I recently returned from studying abroad in England, and now I am taking summer classes.  I'm finally getting things figured out so I plan on being much more active on here.  Partially. 

So, I've decided that this page is going to be for my costume and fashion designs, work-in-progress snapshots, and final shoots of the costumes and fashions.  I encourage critiques on all of these.  I'll probably start by uploading some designs and concepts since I don't have a job at the moment and therefore cant afford to buy material for actual projects. 

Now, writing is still my main passion and what I devote most of my time to.  However, I'm not a huge fan of publishing on this site.  It's nice, but I find other websites work better.  So, if you want to critique my writing, or just read it and, hopefully, enjoy it, please go to by FictionPress account at…  I haven't been very active on that website either, but now that my three-year stint with writer's block is over (FINALLY) I am going to start uploading more.  Please check it out and let me know what you think about my writing.  It would be extremely helpful since writing is what I want to do with my life. 

Anyway, yeah, just a brief update!  I will be much more active both here and on FictionPress and hopefully you few people that actually watch me will like what I do! 

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